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The Reality of Occupational Burnout and How to Overcome It

683 1024 Chelsea Vestal

The Reality of Occupational Burnout and How to Overcome It So the new reality for 58% of the American workforce has been the sharp transition to remote workspaces, for some this was a big adjustment (teachers adapting to distance learning)…

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marketing during coronavirus pandemic to enhance local economy

Small Business Marketing During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

1024 768 Meredith Fleig

Should You Continue Marketing During Coronovirus? Local marketing is the driving force for our local businesses, but the question comes up now, is it cost-effective to continue marketing during coronavirus? Businesses operating in local communities are the foundation of the…

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marketing plan and budget

How To Develop a Successful Marketing Plan & Budget

1024 682 Meredith Fleig

How To Develop a Successful Marketing Plan & Budget  Effective marketing requires planning and budgeting, both of which can seem like daunting tasks, but the reward is tremendous when done properly. In this post, we’ll walk you through some basic…

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Why Digital Presence Matters to Businesses Big or Small

1024 683 Chelsea Vestal

With pressing advances in mobile technology and a collective cultural focus on the all  inclusive smartphone, advertising has strategically migrated within the convenient confines of these personalized screens.  Consumers have also learned out of repeat ad serving that social media…

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Doggett Gives Back

960 640 Jeff Doggett

Giving Back One of our favorite things to do is get involved in our local community. We like to eat at local restaurants, drink local beer, work with local businesses and support local charities. While we can go on and…

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6 Tips to Using Social Media Safely

1024 680 Elissa Houff

Nowadays, people have the tendency to overshare. Each day, we are bombarded with photos and commentary on someone’s day. Beginning with a picture of their morning cup of coffee, carefully positioned and artfully displayed, to their child’s latest accomplishment, to…

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Brand Symmetry: The marriage of strategic identity and visual identity.

1024 683 Chelsea Vestal

“We need a new logo. We need an updated website. We need a brochure.” These are requests agencies commonly receive from businesses looking to grow; however, the above requests bypass a company’s most important asset – its brand. Building a…

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