Brand Symmetry: The marriage of strategic identity and visual identity.

Who are you really?

Brand Symmetry: The marriage of strategic identity and visual identity.

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“We need a new logo. We need an updated website. We need a brochure.”

These are requests agencies commonly receive from businesses looking to grow; however, the above requests bypass a company’s most important asset – its brand.

Building a brand does not mean creating a logo or website. It means discovering your true distinction and using that distinction to create a communication strategy that aligns with your business strategy. This alignment of communication and business strategy is what we call Brand Symmetry.

At Doggett, we not only believe in the Brand Symmetry philosophy, but we have created a branding process cemented in it. We help clients achieve their goals by helping them discover their true, deliverable distinction, which we then use to influence the visual and communicative elements of their brand.

Why do we approach the world through a brand symmetry lens? It’s simple, because companies thrive when they achieve Brand Symmetry.

Successful, growing companies have a common trait, they consistently deliver on their true distinction (or brand promise). This creates goodwill among target audiences and prompts repeat and referral business. To get to this success stage, companies must understand what sets them apart and how to market that distinction. This is where Doggett comes in. We help companies unearth their highly valuable and differentiating characteristic, and then create unified messaging that communicates that true distinction through a variety of mediums.

What is your company’s true distinction? At Doggett, we help businesses in the Carolinas and beyond sync their strategic and visual identities by providing creative and calculated marketing initiatives. Contact one of our Certified Brand Strategists to discover your brand today.