Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing strategy for your business
The question is no longer “Does my business need social media?”, but has evolved to “How can my business best use social media?” Over 2 billion people are on social media platforms every day, what better way to reach your target audience?

You know your business needs a social media presence to thrive, but how do you know how to manage it effectively and efficiently?

Our clients come to us with all these questions and more. At Doggett, we have a reputation of driving traffic and leads to our clients’ websites and storefronts. Our team of social media experts knows how to get your message out to your target audience and we have the results to prove it. Since social media’s introduction, we have created 1,000+ content strategies and advertising campaigns for our clients. Whether your business is B to B or B to C, there is an effective way to use social media in your day-to-day marketing.

Choose from a variety of customizable packages. Whether your business requires one platform or five, our team will put in the work to create engaging content that makes your audience want to act, in a way that fits your brand and your budget.

Social media marketing services include:

Popular platforms include:







Take a look below at some of the results from our clients:

High Cotton Home Instagram

All our ad campaigns are written to convert leads and specifically target, they will only be shown to people in your predetermined audience, and all the results are trackable.

Pedigo Law LinkedIn

Each month, we review the real results your page is generating, and strategize on ways to optimize our efforts moving forward.

Facebook Campaigns

Great content means nothing with a small fan base. Our team will guarantee your page will increase in likes and visibility over time.