At Doggett, we get your brand in sync with your business goals, your customers, your very DNA. We do it through Brand Symmetry. It’s our proprietary process to uncover the essence of your brand, and then create a strong vision and brand strategy for it. When Doggett Brand Symmetry hits the sweet spot—the convergence of strategic thinking and creativity—something magical happens. Your business grows. Strategically and creatively, visually and verbally, every part of your brand experience will be in balance. That’s what sets us apart. And that’s what will set you apart.

What's a Doggett?

Why should anyone click on you? Or call you? Or buy from you? What can make your brand stand out in a vast sea of sameness? The answer is Doggett, a North Carolina agency specializing in everything from brand discovery to social marketing and web development. Home to Charlotte’s only Certified Brand Strategists, we’ll examine every aspect of your business from the ground up. And then show you a clear creative path forward.

Our Work

And now, a revealing look at some of our recent work:

A&L Great Lakes Laboratories

A science-based company with a farmer’s sensibility, A&L Great Lakes does what it takes, in the lab or in the field, to help their clients be successful.

Historic South End

South End is the heartbeat of Charlotte. It’s the part of town where retro mixes with contemporary, historical meets trendy, and art intersects commerce.


Wilmar gets to know what makes you and your business tick, and then crafts a sound fleet solution that fits one company: yours. Now, step on the gas.