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Doggett – Where Brands Get In Sync With Their Audiences.
We create compelling solutions


With certified brand strategists and a proprietary process, we go where other agencies can’t or won’t in order to build your brand. Strategically and creatively, visually and verbally, we’ve been finding ways to set our clients apart for over 30 years. That’s what sets us apart.

Since our inception in 1988 – when George Doggett settled in to start our Charlotte, NC agency after helping the likes of Diadora shoes conquer the earth – Doggett has stayed true to its vision. We shape brands to be in harmony with their audiences. There is no magic here. Just the hard work it takes to put your brand in touch with as many potential and existing customers as possible and in fresh ways. Today’s incredibly complex media landscape makes nimbleness a necessity. Doggett today is still a little like Doggett yesterday. Our clients stay loyal because they know Brand Symmetry works. They grow. We grow. And we all enjoy the journey.

Our Core Team

We staff with a group of core experts and then build outward with a trusted group of creative and strategic partners.

George Doggett


Jeff Doggett

Creative Director

Chelsea Vestal

Social Media Specialist

Meredith Fleig

Digital Marketing

Elissa Houff

Digital Communications

Samantha Dillingham


Our Associations

We are certified by The Brand Establishment, the only third-party brand
certification program in the world.

The Business Marketing Association is the leading professional resource for
business-to-business marketers.

Second Wind is an indispensable resource, offering a vast collection of industry
tools, research, and collaboration.

Doggett Gives Back

Doggett takes goodwill seriously. Our efforts include gifts of time, dollars, and marketing services to organizations that need our help. Some of the organizations we’ve been honored to work with in recent years include: